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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Elias' Dinosaur Birthday Party

Elias loves dinosaurs, so for his second birthday we had a small family party with lots of fun dinos hanging around.   

My mantle was transformed with the help of a velociraptor (printed at Staples), lots of plants, trees and dinos.  I picked up the chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them in orange, lime green and blue.  I made the banner with help from my sister with my Cricut.

For lunch, we ate dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, french fries, salad, fruits and veggies and pasta salad.  We drank green kool-aid, ate orange and lime Jell-O and had cinnamon-sugar cookies stamped with dinosaur tracks.  A few dinos hung out on table as well (:  The paper garland blocked the view out the windows while allowing light in.  I found the metal pails and paper cups at Target.

Elias wanted dinosaur sprinkle cupcakes:  they were frosted with chocolate-almond frosting, dusted with oreo crumbs and decorated with green grass, dinos and jelly bean rocks.  I found the cupcake liners at Target and the jelly bean rocks at Toys R Us (weird place to find them, I know).

 Even T-Rexes like jelly bean rocks (:

Elias, Jeshua and their cousin Addy had a dino dig in the living room: I buried pieces of a wooden dinosaur puzzle in a box of play sand.  Each boy had a paintbrush (I painted the handles) to excavate with.  When all the pieces were found, we put the puzzle together. This made a huge mess! My boys were too excited about digging to keep the sand in the box (:

Guests were greeted at the mailbox with balloons, dino tracks on the sidewalk (made with my Cricut and secured with packing tape), and this hand-painted "ROAR" sign on the front door.

My mom made the boys dinosaur tails as a present so the rest of the afternoon was spent pretending (: