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Monday, June 17, 2013

Christmas Fiesta

A couple years ago while Josh was a children's pastor, we hosted a Christmas Fiesta for the kids at church.  After the service, all the kids (and a few volunteers) headed to the Fellowship Hall for a Tex-Mex bash.

We had a taco bar so each kid could choose what they wanted to eat.  They could choose from chicken or ground beef and we had plenty of lettuce, cheese, rice and veggies.

Before they could grab a plate, the kids had to have their picture taken in front of the chili peppers.  While they were eating, I went and printed all the pictures on photo paper and cut them out so they could make a picture frame present for their parents.

We also made Christmas cards.

The tables were decorated simply since this was a party for kids (:  I grabbed some pine branches from our backyard and decorated them with small gold balls.  Another chili pepper bandana decorated completed the fiesta theme.

After we ate and made crafts, we had a pinata.  What's a fiesta without one? (:

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