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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Christmas Mantle: a lesson in priorities

This year's Christmas decorating was a lesson in learning it's okay to be unfinished and to be imperfect and to be not quite what I wanted.  The week before Christmas Elias was in the hospital, so decorating wound up being unimportant.  It was a pretty scary time...it took the doctors almost three weeks to figure out why he was sick and he kept getting sicker and no treatments seemed to help.  Meanwhile, I was on bed rest and 38 weeks pregnant...since both Jeshua and Elias were born at 37 weeks we were expecting Corban to arrive at any moment.  (I actually took my hospital bag and kept it in Elias' room).

I love my new ornament wreath...I purchased the balls at Target's after-Christmas clearance last year.  My mom brought me a wire hanger to use (I tried bailing wire but it wasn't strong enough).  I had to hot glue the tops to every ornament and then glue about half of the balls to the wire (or each other) to keep it all together once Josh bent the wires together.  It was frustrating and tedious, but the finished wreath looks nice.  And I have to admit it, my hubby was right (:

I need to figure out how to better hang our stockings...I love the look of the curtain rod, but with five stockings you can't put any weight in them or it knocks the whole thing down (which is why they're sitting on the floor in the picture).  We purchased one for Corban just in case he showed up before Christmas.

I love my real tree...I think purchasing a cut tree is wasteful...right now it's sitting in the urn on my back porch so hopefully we can use it again next year too!  I covered the dirt with some moss...I took the moss off when we took the tree outside.  My only not-so-great thing about it is it's a cedar, so it's pretty pokey, especially when you step on one of its pieces!

I had a hard time balancing the natural elements and my bright ornaments. I also didn't find the right balance of height...it's too stair-stepped.  But in light of the few weeks we had before Christmas, it was just fine (:

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