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Friday, June 7, 2013

Jeshua's 3rd Birthday: Curious George and the Pizza Party

For Jeshua's 3rd Birthday, he wanted to have a "friends" party.  His favorite book at the time was Curious George and the Pizza Party and his favorite food was pizza, so we decided to have a Curious George Pizza Party birthday.

We invited five of his friends over to make and eat pizza.  When they arrived, each child received an apron with their name on it and a paper chef's hat.  They decorated the aprons with fabric markers while the others arrived.  I don't have any pictures of the finished aprons :(
The kids then made their own pizzas.  I used mini pre-cooked pizza crusts.  The kids spread pizza sauce and topped their pizzas with three kinds of cheese, crumbled sausage, hamburger and mini pepperonis.  Each child's pizza was baked and then left to cool for a few minutes.  For the adults we offered Papa Murphy's pizzas we baked after the kids' pizzas were done.

While the kids waited for their pizzas to cook, we read Curious George and the Pizza Party together and played with balloons.  

In addition to pizza, we also served pasta salad, Greek salad, fruits and veggies, french bread and breadsticks. The kids drank juice boxes and the adults had pop or water.  You can't see them in this picture, but the windows were draped with a circle paper garland.

For dessert, my mom decorated a round cake to look like a pizza.  Curious George sat on top.

Guests were greeted by this "Loyd Pizzeria" sign on our front door (I made using my Cricut) and balloons.

Each child took home their apron, chef's hat and a goodie bag filled with Curious George stickers, tattoos, bubbles and Curious George fruit snacks and a few balloons.  My sister designed the sticker.

Jeshua loved his first friends party!

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