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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Petal Carrot Cake Fail

Have you seen the pictures of Petal Cakes floating around?  I love the look and Jeshua wanted a carrot cake, so I decided to try the decorating technique.  Basically, you pipe circles vertically with a #1 Wilton tip, then smush them to the side with a small spatula.  Then, repeat. Easy, right?  

The cake itself was simple...I just called my mom and got her recipe.  I'm not much of a carrot cake fan, but Jeshua's favorite vegetable is carrots and when he found out that carrot cake existed, he begged me to make him one.  Then, I whipped up a double batch of my mom's cream cheese frosting, did a quick crumb coat and started icing the sides.

Lesson learned:  don't try anything fancy with soft cream cheese frosting (:  The first portion of the cake didn't look too bad.  But the longer I kept the icing bag in my hand, the softer the cream cheese became.  So it started falling off the cake.  Seriously, slouching. By the time I was halfway done with the sides I knew I was headed for defeat.   I was putting the icing on thicker and thicker and was quickly running out.  So I quickly finished the sides, didn't even bother with the top, took a quick picture to remind myself that it's okay if it doesn't always look good because this was the best tasting carrot cake I've ever made.  It's also the only carrot cake I've ever made...shh. (:

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